Business Development

Effective Business Development Results in Long-Term Value

Physician practices specializing in women’s health manage a lifetime of care for their patients. A doctor-patient relationship begins with a woman’s first adolescent visit and continues throughout the reproductive years and into menopause. The dynamic and ever-changing landscape of healthcare over time, the alliances you forge along the way, will impact how you provide care and the scope of services you offer.

At Women’s Health Texas, we specialize in researching and recommending opportunities to enhance the quality of patient care, now and in the future. Our goal is to help you provide a low cost, efficient and customer-friendly experience.

A Women’s Health Texas business development plan will encompass both long-term planning and short-term operational adjustments to provide an effective working blueprint. Just as patients expect you to manage immediate needs and long-term, preventative care, we offer a strategic plan for optimizing the health of your business. Services that our OBGYN care centers rely on for success include:

  • External/internal growth management
  • Hospital alignment and collaboration
  • External practice alignment and collaboration
  • National trend monitoring and education

Building Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Your OBGYN practice relies on hospital affiliations and surgical privileges to provide the utmost in care. At Women’s Health Texas, we work on your behalf to manage the time-consuming process of creating and sustaining these relationships.

Alliances with hospitals or hospitals systems: HCA (St. David’s) and Seton Healthcare families of Hospitals

Alliances with other OBGYN practices: Women’s Health Texas began with a strong alliance formed among leading Austin and Round Rock OBGYN clinics: Women Partners in Health (; Renaissance Women’s Group (; The OBGYN Group of Austin (; and Oakwood Women’s Centre ( We believe that together we are better positioned to provide comprehensive OBGYN services, a higher level of care, and collaborative medicine.

Keeping an Eye on the Healthcare Horizon

From complex coding and ICD-10 requirements to the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare landscape is constantly changing. As your business development consultant, nothing matters more to us than the long-term success of your individual OBGYN practice. Together, we can ensure that you are well positioned to anticipate and respond to women’s healthcare trends, insurance reform and practice management best practices.

Of course, we work closely with practice managers, encouraging feedback and participation from the entire OBGYN team and founding physicians, to ensure that your goals and mission statement are reflected in business development plans.

Bringing an OBGYN practice into the Women’s Health Texas fold allows for greater opportunities for growth. If you feel that the time has come to take your practice to the next level, contact us for more information about an alliance with Women’s Health Texas.

Women’s Health Texas Business Development Services

  • External growth management
  • Internal growth management
  • Hospital alignment
  • Hospital collaboration
  • External practice alignment
  • External practice collaboration
  • National trend monitoring & education