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Harnessing the Power of Information Technology

Information technology is the thread that connects and provides communication and continuity of operations among physicians, external providers (hospitals), payers, OBGYN staff and patients. At Central Texas OBGYN Associates, we believe that with the right tools and training to support them, your practice can enhance every aspect of operations, from diagnosing and preventing disease to interfacing with benefits systems.

Electronic Medical Record Management and Oversight

Faxed medical records, paper copies and illegible record keeping were once the primary methods for monitoring patient care. The practice of medicine now relies on technology to sustain, audit and propel it. You likely agree that Electronic Health Records (EHR) enhance patient care. In fact, most OBGYN practices have adopted a system, but may not be realizing the full potential.

Next to improved patient care, an electronic medical records system can provide the greatest opportunity for growth. An EHR empowers your team, providing access to robust data when and where it matters most – at the point of care. What’s more, a health information exchange component enables physicians to share information for a multi-disciplinary approach to medical care.

Where we add value is finding the right fit, and helping you realize a substantial return on investment. CTOA information technology associates ensure that your team feels equipped to effectively use the EHR technology that you invest in for your OBGYN practice.

Successful Staff IT Education Requires Three Key Components

The investment that you make in information technology is significant. We can provide access to our IT professionals to help ensure that you are using the software and collected data to its full potential. At CTOA, we lead the effort to train your employees on the technology available to them, from mobile technology that offers remote access to medical records to the patient screening tools in your OBGYN clinic.

Through our outsourced IT team and internal CTOA support staff, we prioritize these training elements:

  • Custom training developed for each employee’s skill set, job requirements and comfort level (identifying in the process employees to serve as tech mentors)
  • Setting goals, providing a timeline and managing expectations
  • Providing an optimal environment, and a dedicated time for IT training

Think of CTOA as a Safety Net for Office Systems

Even after IT training, problems can and will occur that your practice administrators will need to address. Who will your employees call for support when patient records are held hostage by a computer glitch … or the web-based patient portal malfunctions? Our professional contracted IT department is readily available 24/7, seven days a week to help troubleshoot systems errors and get your employees quickly back on track.

When implemented and used correctly, IT resources can increase productivity and enhance the patient experience. The technology experts at Central Texas OBGYN Associates have years of advanced training, industry-leading certifications and relevant medical experience. Contact us in the Austin area to learn more about our IT training and systems implementations for the OBGYN practice.

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