Revenue Cycle

Rely on Women’s Health Texas to Efficiently Manage your Practice’s Revenue Cycle

The centralized Billing and Collections Department of Women’s Health Texas oversees one of the most important functions of physician practice management. With this strategic partnership, you can expect professional and efficient billing for services rendered. More importantly, Women’s Health Texas assumes the task of collecting for those services and increasing reimbursements.

We share your passion for women’s health, and support your efforts with an unwavering commitment to stay current on regulations and compliance issues unique to the OBGYN practice. Our well-trained staff supports patients, increases profitability and represents your clinic’s best interests.

With a Women’s Health Texas Alliance, You Gain Access to Courteous Patient Advocates

The Women’s Health Texas billing office is committed to being available from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, to answer your patients’ questions:

  • What is this charge on my billing statement?
  • How long do I have to pay my portion of charges?
  • What does my insurance plan cover?

We understand that continually informing patients of their medical benefits and financial responsibility is time consuming and taxing. This aspect of OBGYN practice management is one of the most appreciated in the Women’s Health Texas suite of services.

Upgrade Your Billing with Systems Experts

Women’s Health Texas invests in leading-edge medical billing technology to support our care centers. We stay current on coding standards and requirements, always staying ahead of changes in reimbursement methodology.

Maintaining records and accurate coding, including changes to the requirements for International Classification of Diseases, requires proactive attention and meticulous record keeping. The Women’s Health Texas billing staff can help your OBGYN practice maximize efficiency at every level, from patient intake and clinical care, to billing and reimbursement.

Add Health Insurance Specialists to Your OBGYN Team

The Women’s Health Texas billing staff advocates for your patients. We are seasoned professionals accustomed to working with insurance company payers to resolve benefit disputes and claims denials. Rely on us to interpret changes in legislation (such as the Affordable Care Act) that affect insurance benefits and healthcare management.

We are sensitive to the patient’s financial status, and work diligently and expeditiously to submit patient insurance claims, manage denials and collect charges.

The OBGYN care centers that work with Women’s Health Texas benefit from increased profitability and efficiency; we believe that streamlined revenue cycle management is essential to your long-term success. Contact Women’s Health Texast in Austin to learn more about integrating revenue cycle management services.

Women’s Health Texas Revenue Cycle Services

  • Affordable Care Act Interpretation
  • Well-Trained Staff
  • Benefits Verification & Interpretation
  • Claims Submission & Denial Management
  • Payer Management
  • Patient Advocate
  • Diligent Insurance Follow-up
  • Fee Schedule Management
  • Regulatory Billing Compliance
  • ICD-10 Expertise and Preparation
  • ICD-10 Preparation Commitment
  • Medical Billing Technology
  • Expertise in Reimbursement Methodology